60+ Of The Cringiest Public Breakups In Facebook History

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy a little bit of good old-fashioned Facebook relationship drama every now and then. Were you to witness any of these breakups IRL, you’d be feeling awkwardness beyond comprehension. But as it stands, all of these take place on Facebook, where your greedy little eyes need not betray your mortification. Thank goodness for that, and more power to these poor lost (and now single) souls.

65. Aw c’mon Wanda, this is not about that:

64. Big ups to Karl for sharing this to his own page, I guess?

63. Your goatee is stupid.

62. Maybe he had good intentions?

61. If you didn’t want people asking, maybe you shouldn’t have blasted your drama to all of Facebook.

60. Truly an idiot.

59. What a wild ride.

58. Not sure this person realizes the ending hashtag is a self-burn.

57. A person deeply at odds with oneself.

56. You had*  girlfriend…

55. aaaaaaaaaaa call the police aaaaaaaaaa