Jennifer Lawrence Apparently Has Some Petty Beef With A ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star

Over the years, we’ve learned that Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much just like us. She loves to eat pizza, she isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself in public, and she watches trashy reality TV shows without any shame. We know she’s obsessed with the Kardashians and over the years have developed a relationship with the family. But, she also has a bit of drama with some other reality TV stars. Apparently, JLaw has some pretty strange beef with one of the cast mates from the Bravo hit TV show, “Vanderpump Rules.”

“Vanderpump Rules” is a reality TV show about a bunch of waiters, waitresses, and bartenders from Lisa Vanderpump’s popular restaurant, Sur. The entire cast of the show is over-the-top, dramatic, and definitely wild–so, of course, the show is entertaining. JLaw is an avid watcher, and when she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” she had some not so nice things to say about Lala Kent, the hostess at Sur.

Essentially, she talks about the show just like we talk about the show with our friends–picking at people and their decisions. She also did a pretty spot-on impression of Lala.

After the episode of WWHL aired, Lala was not happy to see/hear JLaw talking sh*t about her. Lala wrote a pretty aggressive tweet online (and then deleted it, at her manager’s request).

When appearing on “Reality Check” on Sirius XM, Lala said:

“I did a three-peat: I did one tweet, delete, two tweet, delete, three tweet, delete. My manager called me and said, ‘Lala, what are you doing?’ She goes, ‘You either delete the tweet or you delete my info for the next 24 hours ’cause I’m not trying to deal. So, I deleted it.”

But, she was hurt and offended by the comments JLaw made about her on national television.

The thing is, no one wants to be called the c-word, especially by an A-list celebrity. I was such a huge fan of hers, and it bummed me out. I thought that she had a little more class than that. You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV.

Lala wasn’t done there, in another interview with “JuicyScoop,” she went full-throttle at JLaw.

You’re an A-list celebrity who makes more money than God and you’re like saying you support women and you’re calling another woman the c-word that you’ve never laid eyes on in person, never had a conversation with me. I tried to not let it bug me, but it never feels good to be called that, on top of someone who is that big and grand and A-list and glamorous. It was kind of like that kind of hurt my feelings a little bit.

And, she stooped to the petty level of coming for JLaw.

Well, here’s the thing. Now anytime you bring her up, like, I’m going to have nothing nice to say about her. I’m going to say that her hair sucks, her face is a little too pudgy, like she needs to stop the drinking, you know? I said it, you don’t have to worry.

Come on girl, don’t you listen to Michelle Obama–when they go low, you go high–don’t trash people like that. Lala has since spoken out about the beef and (semi?) apologized for her comments saying,

What a hot mess.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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