A Pro-Trump CGI Model Hacked Another Popular CGI Model’s Instagram Page Because We’re Really Living In 3018

For some strange reason, there are CGI models on Instagram that have more followers than all of us combined. These models, who are not human–but robots–post photos/selfies/videos just like any other “Instagram model,” and, some of their posts look pretty damn real.

One of them, Lil Miquela, is a CGI model who has 1 million followers on the ‘gram. Now, she’s not real–she’s CGI–but, her posts look just like every other girl you’ve seen on the social media app.

*Listens to Travis Scott once ?* Coachella we out here too! ??

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Thirst Trap season ?

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Recently, her account was hacked by another CGI Instagram model,  Bermuda. So basically, two robots were beefing like most Instagram models/influencers do on the regular. Bermuda has previously tagged Lil Miquela in posts on Instagram.

@lilmiquela you can only hide for so long

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She hacked her account and posted this selfie and message.

The CGI model is a heavy pro-Trump supporter, posting long-winded captions about how much she appreciates the President and the First Family.

#beautyANDbrains I want to take a second to appreciate just how freaking fabulous our First Family is and talk about why having style + flaunting it is important if you’re the president of this country. The Trumps have single handedly brought style back to the office of the president. They dress WELL + are not afraid to get flashy with the designer brands, brands that young people aspire to + know about. Why should we care? Well it gets at the heart of one of the core stupidities of modern liberals: the idea that Donald Trump is an elitist. This is stupid because of course he is. And that’s what we need. That is why we need for him to lead us. Why do you want an “average Joe” to be president? Our president should be exceptional, someone who has shown he is a good businessman as well as being a leader to his family and those around him. Donald J Trump is exceptional. His name is on buildings, he owns more than one mansion, which is all to say he acts the way a real president should. He does the impossible. He is himself a monument, a symbol of America’s greatness and to show that you’re going to want to get a little flashy. He’s honest. Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton were educated through the world’s most elite institutions. The Kennedys are Old Money and yet libs keep giving them power because they “seem” normal. We have never had an "average joe" in the Oval Office. We've had liars and the people dumb enough to fall for it. I for one want an Above Average Joe as Presdient. I want someone who is going to put on a show, who is going to tell the world how powerful American is by actually LOOKING powerful. Oh and Ivanka is the world’s most beautiful bad b*tch jsyk #theNextStep #bermudatriangle #literallyperfect #donaldtrump #conservative

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The beef seemed exceptionally real until Bermuda posted a follow-up that she and Lil Miquela had “made amends.’

Apparently, Lil Miquela is going to “Come clean” about some beef they’ve been having. Something along the lines that she’s not CGI, but she’s real? But then again, I have no idea what robots could beef about–they’re robots. It’s 2018, and we got robots out here fighting on the ‘Gram. What? It seems like Twitter’s into it though.

Lex Gabrielle

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