The Backstreet Boys Dressed Up As The Spice Girls And There’s Incredible Video Evidence

Every ’90s kid knows how incredible it is when you see your favorite bands, TV show casts or movie casts get back together for a reunion.

Recently, The Backstreet Boys got together for a partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines and presented a BackStreet Boys Cruise–which, was sold out (not surprisingly). Not only did the BSB’s perform on the ship for fans to enjoy, but, they had a special surprise for every ’90s girl aboard.

That’s right–the Backstreet Boys celebrated “Girl Power” by dressing up as the epitome of Girl Power themselves–The Spice Girls. It’s like my ’90s wet dream come true.

And, there was even video of them dancing and singing to Wannabe–can life get any better than this, y’all?

And, even singing to “Say You’ll Be There.”

And, “Spice Up Your Life.”

Fans of both bands really couldn’t get enough of this–and neither can I.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

Lex Gabrielle native New Yorker who supports messy buns and all things covered in buffalo sauce. She is currently a managing editor for BloomJoy and teaches English and Journalism to the youth of America.