‘Fox & Friends’ Host Says Kim Jong-un ‘Probably Doesn’t Love’ Murdering People All Day Long, He Just HAS To

Pete Hegseth —  Fox News pundit, Trump advisor, and a man who recently responded “meh” to his co-host’s statement that innocent children had died in Gaza as a result of Trump’s embassy move — has a hot take on the genocidal politics of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Here it is: Kim-Jong un doesn’t like murdering his people (often in ways too sadistic to describe here), it’s just something he has to do. He’d much rather be watching basketball.

Hegseth dropped this baffling statement on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning in response to a question about why he believes Kim Jong-un had “agreed” to meet with Donald Trump (In fact, it was Trump who had readily agreed to meet with Kim Jong-un without discussing it with his advisors.)

“I think he wants a picture with the American president,” Hegseth said on “Fox & Friends.” “The sanctions are having massive effect there. And then I think there’s probably a point at which the guy who wants to meet with Dennis Rodman and loves NBA basketball and loves Western pop culture,” said Hegseth, of a man who punishes whomever he pleases by throwing them in prisons worse than concentration camps, then forcing several of their generations to live in the same conditions.

Hegseth went on to add that Kim Jong-un “probably doesn’t love being the guy that has to murder his people all day long.”

To reiterate: Pete Hegseth — a man who was rumored to be a top Trump pick to run the Veterans Administration and who occasionally gives him advice — said that Kim Jong-un HAS TO murder his own citizens but would rather meet Dennis Rodman or watch Steph Curry drain some 3-pointers.

He “Probably wants some normalization,” continued Hegseth, describing a FASCIST DICTATOR who murdered his own half-brother. “Let’s give it to him if we can make the world safer.”

Yeah, let’s not.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the executions of well over 300 people since coming to power in 2011. He uses famine as “a means of control over the population” and “regularly carries out public executions, sometimes for crimes as small as stealing copper from factories.” Again, let’s not give Kim Jong-un anything, ever.

Hegseth’s normalization of a fascist dictator aside, it bears mentioning that Fox News did a complete 180 re: North Korea as soon as Obama left office and Trump entered it. This viral NowThisNews video sums it up:

As always, Twitter had some thoughts.