25 Cute Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $20 This Week

Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the world’s greatest inventions. The ability to shop for anything you need without having to put pants on and leave the house is one that our grandparents wish they had.
While you can virtually find anything you want/need on the website, it’s sometimes difficult to get what you want without having to spend big $$$ on products + shipping. But, if you look in the right places, you can find just what you need for a low, low price. Here’s our favorite Amazon finds this week that are all under $20. You’re welcome.

25. This passport holder that comes in over 10 colors and holds just about everything for travel.

Glowing Review: 

Gorgeous! This is a great quality passport holder for the price! I ordered 2 passport holders for my daughter and I and even though hers was more expensive, it looked cheap and crappy next to this one. This holder has a nice cushioned feel to it and I love the slots inside. When you’re traveling, you don’t need your checkbook, local store cards, etc. The slots in this make it ideal because you can take ID, 1 or 2 credit cards, and a little cash, and leave your big everyday pocketbook behind. With this replacing my pocketbook, I can take a larger “personal item” along with my carry-on instead of my purse. I highly recommend!

Get it on Amazon for $5.99.

24. This floral keyboard cover for your Mac to make it look extra sweet.

Glowing Review:

This is one of the best keyboard skins I’ve ever ordered. The design is absolutely beautiful and the advertised pictures do not do it justice! I ordered the wood grain/flower design for my older generation Mabcook Pro 13” and was not disappointed. Packaging was simple yet effective, the skin arrived in mint condition sans any wrinkling or defective areas within the design. It peeled off and laid on in the first go, with all the letters and numbers lining up as they should. While it does take some getting used to if you’re coming from working with a bare keyboard, I found this skin actually seemed to be thinner than another brand I had previously ordered and doesn’t interfere much with key accuracy. Several others reviewers mentioned the color rubbing off with use— I have not had it long enough to attest to that at this time, but given the great price of the product and eye-catching design(s), having to order another down the road still wouldn’t sway me from highly recommending it!

Get it on Amazon for $7.49.

23. These Dachshund ice-cube makers to make all of your drinks amazing.

Glowing Review:

Super cute! Easy to make adorable ice cubes. They pop out just fine without any little pieces (ie tail or paws) popping off. Love them

Get them on Amazon for $8.87.

22. This Portable Bluetooth speaker that connects to almost every type of phone and can fit easily in your hands.

Glowing Review:

I purchased this speaker because I was looking for something that was compact, good sound, and looked nice at the same time. This speaker is all of those things. The rose gold color is nice and the blue light along the bottom when it is on adds a nice touch. It synced instantly on several different devices. It has buttons on the bottom that allow you to change the song tracks and the volume plus a button to activate the speaker phone option.
The sound quality and clarity are amazing, even though it is not very big it has the ability to produce some good bass sound. It can get loud enough to fill a fairly large room with whatever music you play, and it works well outside too.
It has a rubber ring along the bottom that provides a gripping surface so that it doesn’t slide. I can see taking this to the beach and setting it on the hood of the vehicle and playing music instead of using the cars battery up.
I would definitely buy this again if I needed one. I will be telling my friends and family.

Get it on Amazon for $17.99.

23. This adorable bathmat that will make you ~happy~ every morning.

Glowing Review:

Bought this for the kitchen but ended up putting it in my room in front of my closet door. It feels so soft on your feet and such a great material like a suede feel.

Get it on Amazon for $16.99.

22. This “you’re too close” hat to keep everyone away from you.

Glowing Review: 

Fits comfortably – not too tight or loose. I like that its all black minus the lettering on the back so it matches with whatever outfit I am going to wear.

Get it on Amazon for $10.99.

21. This six-pack of bath bombs to give yourself a little TLC.

Glowing Review:

Nice bath bombs at a great price. I am a very big fan of Lush and love their bath bombs but they are super expensive at around $8 each. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bath! Most of the bath bombs I’ve found from others are not of the same quality and are much smaller. These are almost as big as the Lush ones (which frankly are too big for one bath) but a little smaller so a good size for a regular tub. There are six in a box so they come out to a little over $3 each. Some people on here have complained that they sink to the bottom and don’t fizz. Yes, they sink to the bottom but no, they DO fizz a lot. I don’t really care if they sink -why would I? They smell great and they have great skin softening qualities. Like any bath bomb, the brightly colored ones leave a color residue on the tub. That’s just the way of the bath bomb. I would definitely buy again. As a matter of fact, I’ve already ordered two more sets.

Get it on Amazon on $16.95.

20. This adorable taco-holder shaped like a dinosaur so you can make yourself another taco.

Glowing Review:

Its a miracle!! My tacos taste amazing and its all because of the TriceraTACO. I could say I bought this for my child but that would be a lie. I bought this bad boy for me! Taco Tuesday’s? We’re talking Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…. Everyday is Taco Tuesday

Get it on Amazon for $11.71.

19. This “chill pill” phone case to remind yourself to chill.

Glowing Review: 

Looks exactly like the picture. It fits the phone well. Not loose like some of these cases can be. Easy access to all the buttons etc. Shipping was fast.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

18. These “pizza fixes everything” socks to make yourself feel better all day long knowing they’re in your shoes.

Glowing Review:

Blue Q has the cutest socks. They are soft and well made and the funny, crazy sayings on them are great. My family all got them for Christmas, and they loved them!

Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

17. These super cute, super chic makeup brushes to face beat with.

Glowing Review:

I bought these in pink color and was impressed to see the high quality of these brushes. It came in a beautiful shell kind of box which is perfect to carry on while travelling. This set comes with 10 makeup brushes. All of them are unbelievably soft. I am in love with these brushes.

Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

16. This hilarious coffee mug you’ll want everyone to read.

Glowing Review:

super cute. keeps drinks hot for a long time.

Get it on Amazon for $12.00.

15. This iPhone charging station for your desk.

Glowing Review:

This is exactly what i needed. i work from a computer desk in my room, and sometimes i have my phone with me on the desk, and soemtimes its annoyin to have to get up find a charger to plug it in and charge it. With this stand i am able to prop up my iphone 5s and it charge right from the dock while it is plugged into my computers usb port. I was expecting this to be really cheaply made and out of plastic, but im so glad its heavy duty with the support bar being made of metal. The only draw back to this is that i have to take the rubber part off of my plastic and rubber hardcase in order for it to fit. which isnt that big of a deal . Overall its a good product

Get it on Amazon for $17.99.

14. This sponge holder for your kitchen sink (no more moldy sponges!)

Glowing Review: 

Super cute and functional, this sponge holder prevents that dreaded “dirty sponge” smell by elevating the sponge off of the surface of the holder with a small grate. That dirty sponge smell means bacteria, so I’m all for something that helps keep my kitchen and dishes as well as family more healthy! Plus it looks like a tiny bed complete with pillows… How cute is that!?! I LOVE IT!!

Get it on Amazon for $11.99.

13. This microwave-safe popcorn popper for your late-night snacks.

Glowing Review: 

This is so easy to use and makes delicious popcorn! I put about a tablespoon of coconut oil (instructions say any cooking oil) in with the corn kernels and a good pat of butter on top and cook in the microwave. I just listen for when the popping slows and remove from microwave. I add a small amount of salt and shake it up – makes perfect popcorn!!!!!!!! The full size serving makes just the right amount for my husband and I to split. The container is so pretty, I leave it out in a corner of my counter. Really a unique gift and I will be buying more!

Get it on Amazon for $13.93.

12. This easy to carry lint roller to clean your clothes up real quick.

Glowing Review:

All my friends have cats or dogs but I don’t. So I really hate it when I see animal hair on my clothes since I’m not used to it at all. I used to hope my friends would have lint rollers but not all of them did. I actually started buying a few friends lint rollers so I could use it when I came over. But now I have this – it’s small enough that it fits in my purse and I just bring it to whenever I go to a friends’ house that has pets. I love it because I can wear black and not worry about all the little white hairs covering me. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a convienient lint roller to take with you on the go.

Get it on Amazon for $9.95.

11. This pom-pom winter hat that’ll go with everything.

Glowing Review: 

I LOVE THIS HAT SO MUCH!!!! I seriously wear this multiple times a week. EVERY time I wear it I get asked where I bought it from. It’s perfect to just throw on in the morning when it’s cold out or to wear out with a cute outfit. I bought the black beanie w/ a tan floof, and I’m already planning on buying a few more in different colors!!

Get it on Amazon for $12.99.  

10. This adorable puppy door stopper for your house.

Glowing Review: 

This thing is SOOOO cute. Years ago I used to breed bull terriers (for show). I happen to love the breed, but even these days, you don’t find much in the way of “stuff” for them. I must mention it works well, (as well !!). I have a huge gap on my bedroom door (used to have thick wall to wall)….& the door wouldn’t stay open…..now it does !!!

Get it on Amazon for $12.98.

9. This rose gold rose necklace that goes with literally everything.

Glowing Review:

My daughter received this from me for Christmas and she loves it. She gets so many compliments at school on it. And what I like is that she wears it almost every day and the coloring has remained well on it. No tarnishing so far and we’re into February.

Get it on Amazon for $18.50.

8. This waterbottle that makes any water into fruit-infused water.

Glowing Review:

I have to say, I really love this bottle, I read some of the other reviews that said this bottle leaked. When I first put the lid on it DID leak. But really you just need to make sure you have it aligned properly and mine doesn’t leak anymore at all. You can put anything in the tube – I’ve put mint in mine and that works nicely. Frozen fruit is awesome for this bottle. You won’t need ice – which, is the only issue I have with this bottle. You can’t put a whole lot of ice in the bottle because the tube doesn’t allow for very much room for ice to move around. Not a big deal at all. I LOVE this bottle and I will be buying them for Christmas gifts.

Get in on Amazon for $17.97.

7. This bracelet set to give your summer look a bit of Boho-vibes.

Glowing Review: 

I thought this bracket was well pictured (pretty) and a very good price (compared to retail stores I shop), so I purchased it.
I am extremely pleased with this purchase!!
The colors are vibrant and the quality is exceptional, very well made.
I will be purchasing more jewelry from JOYMIAO.
I promise I was not asked for this review, I truely am this impressed and excited.

Get it on Amazon for $13.99.

6. These mirrored sunglasses for summer.

Glowing Review:

Omg these sunglasses are literally the best sunglasses I have ever worn in my life and I am totally not over-exaggerating! It’s so cheap but it feels expensive and they just look so classy! They look better than howit looks on the pictures, not even kidding! They are just so beautiful and I have no problems with them. I ordered them a week ago and it said I would get them 3-4 weeks, but it came today! More than 2 weeks earlier than expected! The quality is so good, it feels a little heavy that’s why it seems expensive! It would look great on literally anyone, no matter how flat or long your nose is, it’s perfect! Just don’t touch the lenses, your fingerprint stays so quickly. I ordered rose gold, but it looks really gold. When you wear it in a darker area, it would look rose gold, but it’s gold in the sun.

Get it on Amazon for $2.59.

5. This beautiful off-the-shoulder summer dress.

Glowing Review:

Perfect sizing & is such a cute dress! looks JUST like the picture! I’m a 14 & an XL fit me perfect! The shipping actually arrived 4 days earlier than expected too which was even better! I NEVER buy any clothes online so I took a chance with this dress & am glad I did!

Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

4. This flower light for your nightstand.

Glowing Review:

When I opened the box I thought it was quite small but then realized I could arrange the branches as I wanted. I bought it along with the larger cherry blossom tree for my office because I wanted something unique and soft. The two of them together are quite beautiful and also sturdy. I really love these pretty lamps. It arrived on time as promised and was easily assembled with batteries.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

3. This mini donut maker to make sure you always have a snack with your coffee.

Glowing Review:

Yummy and so easy to make! This was the best machine for lowest price. I was surprised it was not shipped double boxed, but it was not broken. We were so excited when it arrived that we made several donut batches. We used the recipe provided in the booklet and it tasted just good. Even more delicious recipe was one box chocolate cake mix, added 1 stick melted butter, one egg, and 1 c milk. You can use any flavor cake mix. Next time we will make Spice and vanilla cake mix. Then decorate with basic flavored confection glaze, sprinkles, nuts. For a limited mess, we used a disposable plastic pastry bag with a rubber band tied on top and cut the bottom end. Then just squeezed the mixture into each cavity. If you use a spoon to fill it I think it would take too long and be messy. You could also use an empty squeeze bottle of some sort. Before squeezing we first spray the cavities lightly with cooking spray. We filled up to the top and they rose into perfect donuts. The light on unit was NOT a good gauge to tell when done, so when the donuts started steaming and smelling amazing, we opened the lid and removed. You can insert a toothpick if needed. We set up a decorating station for the grandbabies to decorate and they had a blast. The adults gobbled them up so fast. Perfect size. It was also easy to wipe clean when cooled.

Get it on Amazon for $15.50.

2. This adorable ring holder that will always make you smile.

Glowing Review: 

There really isn’t too much to say about this ring holder. It’s true to the product page’s information, which indicates that it’s not a very large jewelry holder. The chrome finish is very shiny and appealing. The bottom of the cat has a different type of material which makes it grip to surfaces better. The tail is fairly long, in terms of how many rings you could put on it. I usually put three on it and there’s still room for plenty of other rings.

I like it. It’s cute and looks like the cat that it’s supposed to look like. It wasn’t very expensive and will prove to be very useful for storing my rings at night while I sleep, or whenever I take them off. Plus, now that I have a designated spot to store my rings when I’m not wearing them, I will always know where they are instead of trying to remember which counter I put them on.

Get it on Amazon for $8.00.

1. This book with over 50 braid ideas and how to do them.

Glowing Review:

I bought this for my wife because she is a cosmetologist and enjoyed doing hair styles for herself and other women and little girls but she wanted to learn some new stuff and styles, and she has sure learned a lot through this book and has been practicing with our neice and comes out very good for her.

Get it on Amazon for $12.71.



Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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