Just 30+ Hysterical Tweets About ‘Big Dick Energy’

What is big dick energy?

Big dick energy has less to do with having a large penis and more to do with a vibe.

That vibe can essentially be boiled down to a medley of the following: confidence without cockiness, swag without arrogance, not caring about the dumb stuff and caring a lot about important stuff, being a complete bo$$  in all ways big and small — and not needing a penis for any of it!

Rihanna = Big Dick Energy. Steven Hawking = Big Dick Energy. Frances McDormand, Adam Driver, Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Big Dick Energy! GARFIELD = BIG DICK ENERGY, DO NOT @ ME. Pete Davidson, to whom the term was originally applied, is said to exude BDE, although I would argue that his ex Cassie David is more BDE-worthy than he, but I realize that is a controversial opinion and whatever, you’re here to LAUGH not fight me about Pete Davidson’s tumultuous love life!











Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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