The Kent State Gun Chick Tried To Talk Sh*t About ‘Crime-Ridden’ New York, But The Big Apple Bit Back

You may remember Kaitlin Bennett (although I’m sincerely hoping that she will disappear from our digital discourse sooner rather than later). The recent Kent State graduate made waves when she took graduation photos with her beloved rifle, harping on her right to arm herself on campus.

Since then, Bennett has decided to generate as much attention as possible by becoming something of a hateful NRA Barbie. She’s repeatedly harassed Parkland survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg on Twitter, she’s “taunted” the LGBT community by eating Chick-Fil-A (weird move, but mmkay), and has repeatedly used the term “liberal tears” (because conservatives basically have one inside joke and they’re beating it into the ground).

And now, Bennett is talking sh*t about New York City.

The conservative millennial recently took a trip to New York and photographed herself standing in front of the skyline. In the caption, she bemoaned the fact that New York is “awful” for not allowing her to “protect” herself with a handgun in its “crime-ridden city.”

Not surprisingly, New Yorkers weren’t about to let some random, GOP-lovin’ millennial talk smack about their city. Everyone pointed out that, actually, NYC has a lower crime rate than Bennett’s own hometown.

(For the record, Bennett was not in New Jersey, she was in River Park in New York — but the point about the crime rate still stands.)

So, next time you try to come for New York, sweetie, you should probably rethink that move.

Because New Yorkers will f**k you up if you try to disrespect their city.

Personally, I find the thought of Kaitlin Bennett in New York deeply chilling — because I’m pretty sure the only reason she would sully her “brand” by appearing in such a liberal city is if she had meetings for a book deal or, heaven help us, a reality show.

I can only hope that I’m wrong and that she simply wanted to eat a taco bowl in Trump Tower.