20+ People Share The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Hot

Are you an attractive person? Are you unsure? Some people know they’re hot from the minute they see a mirror, or as soon as they hit puberty, or when they manage to snag their first date.

For others, it’s a lengthier process. A recent AskReddit thread initiated by u/DarkskinJesus posited the question, “When did you realize you were attractive?” The responses are enlightening, inspiring, depressing, just all-around emotional, really! Buckle in for a wild ride, friends, and remember: There’s always hope for you.

21. For u/Dframe44, his moment came

I went to a gay bar and drank for free.

20. Hey, u/theredhotbellpepper, maybe you are cute and she booze just gave her the courage to tell you:

I’m not attractive but a girl did scream “hey your cute ” at me while I was pumping gas the other night.Im sure she was drunk but I’ll be riding that ego boost for at least the next 3 months.

19. This is cute for everyone except u/Bollard_pants‘ wife:

When i heard my little son (6) tell his friend ‘No’ i do not look like my mummy, i look like my Dad, we are both Handsome..

18. u/smoakjoke‘s story sounds like a romcom plot:

I was scrawny and I had white spots on my face due to some deficiencies. Later developed acne as well. Got worse but I never quit on myself. It’s been 7 years since then. I have been working out, put on 50 pounds. Got rid of acne and the vitamin deficiencies. Now a lot of girls compliment my looks and want to go out with me or ask my number. I can clearly tell when they are super flirtatious. That’s the moment I realized that I’m not ugly anymore.

But guess what, don’t need em because I’m still gonna be with my girl who accepted me as I was 4 years ago 🙂

17. For u/SoreBrodinsson, his lightbulb moment went down at the gym:

“When I was told I was “the highest quality meat at the gym” by an absolute babe…I felt so objectified…it was great”

16. u/Toxic_Gorilla must be fine as hellllll to hear this from a super angry person:

In high school, my friends and I stumbled across a rally for 9/11 truthers and started to argue with them. At one point one of the truthers got fed up and told us to go away and get a life. He turned to me and said, “You’re a good looking guy. Why don’t you go get a girlfriend?”

It’s rare to get that kind of compliment from someone who’s pissed at you.

15. It’s truly incredible what a proper outfit can do for your self-esteem, as u/fmoss learned.

When my mother stopped buying clothes for me and I started shopping for myself.

All of the sudden I had clothes that were in style and fit. Realized people treated me differently.

14. u/Mintyboy4‘s realization was a recent one:

Only over the last year or so? When multiple people started telling me “You could do better” when showing pictures of exes that I deemed to be attractive. When reasonably attractive girls asked me out. When my mates started telling me that I’m a good looking dude.

I didn’t have my first kiss till I was nearly 21. I was a late bloomer and definitely not attractive in school. I still don’t entirely believe it to be honest. But enough people are telling me it that I’m starting to. So hey ho.

13. :’) u/snugglebum89 :’)

Don’t find myself attractive but my S.O. thinks I’m beautiful even though I don’t see it. And I think he’s handsome.

12. How many people had u/Zoloyo‘s same awful experience, all for naught?

“Bullying, sexual harassment, weird relatives staring. I wish someone had just told me.”

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