21 Summer Accessories That Will Speak To Your Inner Goth

Not all of us can be summery girls. Just because it’s warm out doesn’t automatically mean that those of us with dark souls can suddenly feign an interest in flirty florals or the classic beachy gal aesthetic. But, then again, we’re also not going to hide away indoors and miss out on the summer fun.

So, what’s a spooky girl to do?

Well, thanks to the “summer goth” trend, you can have your witchy cake and eat it too. If you happen to be a bit strange, moody and unusual, then here are some summery accessories that will appeal to both your sense of fun and your sense of morbidness:

21. This delightfully strange swimsuit. ($39.35)

Just because you’re prone to melting in the sun doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the allure of some dope swimwear.

20. Or maybe a playful pentagram tee? ($28)

This shirt allows for maximum breathability when you’ve lit all 50 of your black candles!

19. A pink coffin floatie. (Not yet available for purchase, but hopefully in the near future!)

Pretty much your entire summer mood in one photo.

18. A witchy sort of hat. ($25)


Obscuring your face is great if you want to avoid talking to people! And shade is good too, I guess.

17. This enchanting pin. ($11)


Just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean that you can’t generate some good magic.

16. This rather bare tanktop. ($25)

A handy reminder that inside all of us is a spooky skeleton.

15. This incredibly occult phone case. ($18+)


To protect you from any toxic vibes coming from your phone — in the form of messages from your ex.

14. This tarot-tastic tee. ($17.76)

Perfect for praising the sun even if you kind of can’t stand the sunlight.

13. A boo-tiful beach towel. ($44.99)

To surround yourself with helpful beachside spirits!

12. This charm-ing beach tote. ($25)


Every summery witch needs a proper tote for hauling her gear to the beach.

11. A witchy accessories bag. ($12.12)


The perfect place to store your powders ‘n potions — and SPF!