Kylie Jenner Got Rid Of All Her Lip Filler, And Can Y’all Please Stop Saying ‘Big Lips Are Cancelled’?

The youngest KarJenner has traditionally been known for one particular physical feature: her lips.

Whereas most of the family staunchly refuses to acknowledge their cosmetic enhancements — no judgement here, to each their own — Kylie has been upfront about her lip fillers, no doubt due to the fact that unlike her nearly inhuman hourglass body shape, writing them off as a side effect of puberty would be a laughable concept.

Who could forget that infamous 2015 Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, wherein Kylie admits that her lips were making her insecure?

Anyway, on Sunday Kylie uploaded a photo to her Instagram with her bud of 8 years, Anastasia Karanikolaou AKA Stassie. Nearly every comment on the photo mentioned how Kylie’s lips looked a little different.

When one fan remarked how the new mom looks like her old self, Kylie replied by confirming what many had been hinting at: she’d removed her lip filler.

Remarkably, the vast majority of the comments were supportive, positive, and outright friendly.

Folks even took to Twitter to congratulate Kylie for her natural new/old, more youthful look.


Whereas others saw this as a great opportunity to troll girls who’d modeled their own lips after Ms. Kylie’s:


Lest we forget, big lips are not a “trend” — they are a facial feature many are born with. Particularly African-Americans, whom the Kardashians have been culturally appropriating from for some time now. A famous white girl getting rid of her big lips does not make big lips uncool, or ugly, or undesirable.

So, you know, good for Kylie. She can do whatever tf she wants to her body, and she owes thousands of strangers zero explanation. And if you’re the type of person to run out and get cosmetic surgery because a stranger on television did it, there’s probably little hope for you anyway. Just do us all a favor and stop referring to certain facial features as “trends.”

This really sums it up for me, personally:

Lex Gabrielle

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