This Woman’s Act Of Kindness Towards Two Kids Trying To Steal From Walmart Has Twitter Choking Up

In a world in which people of color are constantly being harassed and scrutinized by white people and law enforcement, it has become increasingly unsafe for young black kids to engage in any kind of rambunctious behavior.

Fortunately, there are still people out there who are dedicated to doing the right thing and helping those in need.

A woman in Atlanta named Nana Asante recently witnessed two young black kids trying to steal from a local Walmart. Knowing how police would likely handle the situation, Asante stepped in to help.

Asante told the kids to place whatever they had in their pockets in her cart and proceeded to pay for the items — which included deodorant.

Asanta spoke to Unilad and described the situation in further detail. Apparently, the kids had lost their mother and were living with their grandma:

When I saw it happen I was like ‘Oh my God.’ I saw the security guard walking towards them so I went ’round the corner, took them and said, ‘Come with me, ask no questions, follow me to the register.’

When we got there I said place whatever is in your pockets in my cart and they did. I saw the deodorant and I knew immediately something was wrong. Who steals deodorant? It costs four dollars.

The little boy said, ‘We’re sorry ma’am,’ and I said, ‘You couldn’t ask anybody!?’ The other said their mother had died last year so it was just him, his brother and two little sisters living with their grandmother.

Twitter was emotional over Asante’s perceptive and gracious act of kindness.

Asante’s kindness even garnered a shoutout from Shonda Rhimes.

Asante told Unilad that she felt like her trip to Walmart that day was fate.

“I said you don’t have to steal, you just have to ask. I said I know you don’t know me but here is my number and if you need me, call me. I can be your big sister,” she said. “I also opened my wallet and gave them all the cash I had. They were so thankful and gave me the biggest hug. God made me go to Walmart that day. It took one act of kindness to change the path these boys were taking.”