Pickaxe-Wielding Hero Completely Obliterates Trump’s Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

There are plenty of ways to protest Donald Trump’s slow-motion trainwreck of a presidency. You can march in the streets, you can express yourself through art, you can make his sniveling sycophants feel unwelcome when they go out to eat, etc. One man—one hero—decided to take his frustrations out right where it would hurt Trump the most—on one of his glittering monuments to fame.

Late last night, a mysterious hero went down to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, removed a pickaxe from a guitar case, and proceeded to absolutely go to town on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And boy did he work some aggression out. The president’s star was smashed to smithereens. This isn’t the first time his star has been vandalized. In October 2016, when Trump was just the terrible Republican nominee for president and not yet the terrible 45th President of the United States, someone dressed as a construction worker took a sledgehammer and a pickaxe to the star, which was later repaired.

Trump received the star, which requires a $30,000 “sponsorship fee,” in 2007 when he was the host of NBC’s The Apprentice.

Being located in deep-blue Los Angeles, Trump’s star has received frequent attention from of Trump’s more “enthusiastic” critics. An artist, known as “Plastic Jesus,” once erected a mini border wall around it:


It received so much well-earned abuse, one Trump supporter once stopped to clean it up, spawning the “nothing but respect for my president” meme:

Obviously, the spit shine didn’t last too long:

The newly minted folk hero responsible for removing the star has turned himself in to LAPD.

h/t: KTLA

Lex Gabrielle

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