18 Things Only Weird People Will Understand

weird people

For weird people aka weirdos, life can be an unusual mix of traits and tendencies that only we can truly appreciate. We’re sorta made from some unusual ingredients, and while we might be tough for some people to totally get, and maybe more than a little bit “crazy,? one thing for sure: life will never be boring with us.

But still, there are things that only we’ll get that “normal” people will just never understand:

  1. People are intimidated by you until you open your mouth. You unintentionally charm people, but only you know that you’re not endearing at all – you’re just a weirdo.
  2. You enjoy randomly doing British accents. And impersonations.
  3. You have to fight a daily impulse to make creepy faces at really serious people you pass on the street.
  4. You hate talking on the phone. You screen your phone calls – even from your friends – and you probably hate talking when people are around. Listening to one thing and seeing something else is a lot of sensory input piled on top of everything that’s already going on in your head. Your mind often drifts away, and you have to force it back to the conversation to add in an “omg that’s craazzyyy,? every time the person stops talking.
  5. You can be an impetuous asshole, but then you spend the rest of your day over-thinking every detail and going back and forth as to whether you were too mean. Damn it!!!
  6. When you do find someone else as weird as you are, you’re overjoyed that someone else is made from the same ingredients as you. You hang on to this person for life.
  7. People confuse your weirdness for confidence and you end up being their social life jacket in situations. But you’re not really that confident – you’re just weird and just as uncomfortable as they are.
  8. There’s nothing worse for you than having to hang out with “normal” people for the whole day.
  9. You hate traditional parties and systems. Educational systems, proms, Super Bowl Sunday…you don’t really get these and other “rites of passages?
  10. Although, if you do choose to grace a party with your presence, you’re the life of it. People will often confuse you for an extrovert, but you’re not, you’re just a weirdo.
  11. You kinda hate typical dates- and you definitely HATE small talk, so needless to say, first dates are your Achilles’ Heel. You prefer your encounters with your potential romantic interests to be spontaneous and not follow anything traditional.
  12. Your dance style ranges from “white dad at a barbecue” to “stripper whose rent is due tomorrow.”
  13. Most of the time you can’t stand clubs. You don’t get it. One of two things happens: either you’re with the right people and are the life of the party, or, you’re not with the right people and you just end up feeling really annoyed by the superficiality of it all.
  14. You have your evil laugh down to perfection, “MUHAHAHAHA!”
  15. You really don’t understand why it’s not socially acceptable to just like randomly break out in song and dance in public places.
  16. You can feel distracted or vulnerable when you are in certain overstimulating environments but oddly enough you love concerts and love to perform.
  17. You’d rather race in shopping carts or make videos with your friend in your room at 3 a.m. than be at the hottest nightclub with the “hottest? people and celebs.
  18. It takes a while for people to get you and your sense of humor, but when they do, they’re all like “ommgg at first I was like wtf is wrong with them but you’re actually really hilarious!”
  19. You think it’s totally okay that there are 19 things on a list of 18.

Written by PuckerMob

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