Infowars Moron Gets Publicly Owned For Claiming Facebook Isn’t Privately Owned

Alex Jones has been having a lot of meltdowns lately. After pushing batsh*t conspiracy theories for years across multiple platforms, tech companies are starting to fight back against his fake news. In addition to getting booted from almost every social media platform, Jones is also being sued by the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, so all-in-all he’s not having a very good year. Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t banned Jones and his merry band of morons yet, but at least that means we get to laugh at them!

In case you missed it, Alex Jones and Infowars essentially got wiped off the face of the internet yesterday.

Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube all removed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their platforms for violating terms of service and community standards. Even LinkedIn and Pinterest (lol) booted Jones.

Unfortunately, Infowars idiots are still free to spread their ignorance on Twitter and they spend all day in meltdown mode whining about “FREE SPEECH” and claiming “CENSORSHIP!”

But one Infowars “journalist” had what has to be the dumbest take of all. Millie Weaver (aka “Millennial Millie”) argued that, because Facebook is publicly traded, that means it’s not a privately owned company:

“Dear Libtards who think Facebook is a privately owned business, There’s a thing called fact-checking. Facebook is a public business that’s publicly traded. Using that argument to justify banning Alex Jones doesn’t work,” she wrote, attaching a screenshot of Facebook’s Wikipedia page to really drive her point home.

That loud clunking sound you heard was thousands of foreheads hitting desks across the country.

To do a little “fact checking,” a company traded on a public stock exchange is still a private company. Selling shares in your company to the public doesn’t automatically turn you into a public utility like the water company.

People were pretty gobsmacked at her stupidity:

And they really piled on:

After getting dunked on by everyone and their sister, Weaver tried to go back and do some clean-up but wound up making it worse:

“Apparently, “Progressives” can’t read. I simply pointed out that the cliche’ [sic] argument that ‘Facebook can censor Alex Jones because they’re a privately owned business’ doesn’t work. Why? Because it’s a factually [sic] incorrect. Facebook is a public business,” she babbled.

“It’s a factually incorrect” LOLOLOL. Pro-tip, if you’re gonna tell people they can’t read (especially while making an incoherent argument) AT LEAST use proper grammar. Also, again, it’s not “a factually incorrect.”

Furthermore, this isn’t “censorship”! When you sign up for these platforms you get this enormous pop-up filled with lots of legal jargon, these are the “terms of service.” When you click “I agree” without reading it, you’ve agreed to abide by certain behaviors in order to use the platform. Part of the agreement says that if you violate the agreement, you can lose your account. That’s what happened across the internet yesterday.

Until top Twitter brass comes to their sense it looks like Alex Jones and the rest of his deluded crew will continue to have a platform, but at least they’ll keep embarrassing themselves there.

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

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