Alex Jones’ Flagship Radio Station Just Got Shut Down By The FCC

Remember Alex Jones? He was that balding, shouty, lumpy guy who peddled conspiracy theories and fake “male enhancement” supplements before he got bounced off the internet by every major platform (well, except for one). He’s also being sued by the family members of the Sandy Hook victims for defamation, so things are not going well for him!

And, I’m happy to say, Alex Jones’ streak of bad luck (AKA karma) has continued this week. First, his website got hacked and taken down. As you can imagine, he handled it with the calm coolness you would expect from someone who thinks the government is “turning the frogs gay.”

After that meltdown, he (finally) got suspended from Twitter, but only for seven days. The suspension came after Jones shared a video calling for his loyal army of credulous pill-poppers to get their “battle rifles” ready to use against the news media. Both Jones’ personal account the Infowars account were banned from tweeting for a week for sharing his call for violence.

Now, his pirate radio station has been shut down by the FCC. According to the Austin American-Statesman, “Liberty Radio” (which broadcasts from a tower on top of an apartment building) was fined $15,000 for operating without a license and taken off the air. The station is still streaming online but stopped broadcasting last December. The FCC filed a suit against the station charging it with operating without a license since 2013 and illegally broadcasting on an FM wavelength.

Wow, I’d really hate to be Alex Jones’ diaper this week! (Or any week, obvi.)

Pretty soon the only place you’ll be able to get Infowars’ quality content is by huffing meth lab fumes for a couple decades until the hallucinations start.

h/t: Austin American-Statesman