Ariana Grande’s New Song Features A Line So Dirty, It’ll Make Your Mom Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

Ariana Grande may seem innocent and sweet because she’s so tiny and petite, but that girl has a dirty, dirty mind y’all. Over the last few years, Grande has released some songs that have some NSFW/questionable lyrics. Coming from a former Nickelodeon star–people were pretty taken back.
Who can forget when people figured out that “Side to Side” was about a woman getting dicked down so good, she couldn’t walk straight?

We all know that “God is a Woman,” one of the singles off of Grande’s new album Sweetener is pretty explicit, as well. The song focuses on the idea that after she’s done with her man, he’ll believe God is a woman (because, you know, how good her sex is). However, GIAW is not the only song to get down and dirty on her album. The song “Sweetener” itself is pretty raunchy–and people may have missed it. Until now.

“Sweetener” gets pretty NSFW from the very first line–where Grande sings “I like the way you lick the bowl (sheesh).” As it turns out, Grande is not talking about making brownies and licking the batter, or even cupcakes for that matter. No, friends. Grande is talking about eating box.

Thanks to our trusty friends at Urban Dictionary, we’ve now learned that licking the bowl means:

Essentially, Grande is saying that her hubby-to-be Pete Davidson eats the box so good, that it touches her soul.

Yeah–that dirty. That’s enough to make your grandmother slap you and your mom shove a bar of soap in your mouth for speaking to dirty (so, my youngsters, don’t belt this one out in front of the parentals). People on Twitter were SHOOKETH when they figured out that yes, the lyrics to “Sweetener” ain’t all that sweet.

Turns out though, some people already knew the lyrics were about that “good, good.”

I guess small girls still know how to get down. We see you, Ari, we see you.

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