A Thank You Letter To The Guy Best Friends Of The World

guy best friends

To the guy best friends of the world –

There’s a lot that we, as women, really feel like we should thank our guy best friends. You are the reason we’ve managed to avoid every catfight and every unnecessarily passive aggressive Facebook comment (OR, you were the reason we made it in the first place because you are nothing if not an enabler.)

We might not be “one of the boys,” but we’re at least 98% positive that you enjoy our presence because you wouldn’t come with us to get our nails done because we didn’t want to be alone otherwise.

Additionally, we wouldn’t sit through dumb video games we don’t understand if we didn’t like you at least a little bit as well.

We want to thank you, the unidentified guy best friend of the masses, for allowing us to be exactly who we are without the ever-present fear of trying to impress you…

For letting us shed all pretenses of being “classy” and “ladylike” whenever you’re around…

For encouraging us in all aspects of our lives, not least of all in our quests for love, and being honest with us when you know a man has less than honorable intentions (because you, of all people, know what that looks like.)

Thank you for helping us shatter the pretense that we are more than just friends.

Thank you for taking OUR advice in the same way we take yours – thank you for listening when we tell you that girl does not deserve you and you’re simply blinded by her boobs.

You have been our brother in every sense of the word.

You have been our protector, from things as silly as other people’s words to things as destructive as our own self-esteem…

You have been our shoulder to cry on, even when it made you vaguely uncomfortable…

You have been our cheerleader, even though you’ll never understand why we need encouragement to do anything because – according to you – women are fueled by the formidable power of a thousand suns.

We have put a lot of trust into your hands and you have not once abused it.

To the male best friends of the world –

You are surely one hell of a guy.