The Heartbreaking Truth Behind Breaking up With Someone You Still Love

breaking up

“I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.” ― Amit Kalantri

When you’re so in love breaking up seems like an impossibility. It never crosses your mind to ever walk away from that love, at least not willingly. It’s not until you find yourself caught in the biggest dilemma of your life – Having no option but to end a relationship where your love still as strong as ever. It’s a cruel reality that leaves you torn and jaded.

It’s you don’t want to but you have to that hurts the most because you can fathom walking away because your heart is already in sync with his. You can’t possibly imagine life without him and the thought of leaving him stings your soul.

You and he felt right, felt perfect and never ending until he let you down, not once but one too many times. At first, it felt as if part of loving someone meant hurting once in a while and overcoming a few disappointments but he took it way too far. Turns out, loving someone doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice who you are in order to fulfill the other person’s needs.

You started to realize that you were giving more to the relationship that he was, you started seeing that he was getting too comfortable getting more and giving less and you could no longer justify his lack of effort.

The great future that you’ve pictured together started to feel more like a distant dream rather than an absolute possibility. As your love grew stronger for him, his loyalty for you was being stretched too thin.

It’s not the fairytale that your heart envisioned and it’s definitely not what you deserve. You don’t deserve to stay awake at night trying to figure out what’s in his heart. You wait and wait for an explanation, a simple ‘I’m sorry’ but there no sign that he’ll ever feel sorry or take responsibility for the pain that he’s inflicting on you. There’s no hope he’ll ever be the one that brings true love and happiness into your life.  turned his back on you and it’s clear you have to leave him,

You lost yourself trying to save what you have. You’ve put his needs before yours for so long it’s hard to identify what your needs are anymore. You’re out of balance and you can no longer make his happiness your priority.

It’s hard to accept that there’s no future and you have to find the strength remove your heart from the situation. You have to do it because your love is too big for him. He’s not the person you thought he was and nothing you can do can make him into the person that you deserve.

The heartbreaking truth of breaking up with him is that you’ll be carrying your love for him for a while, but I promise that you’ll move on, your love for him will fade and he’ll turn into a distant memory. It’s time to put yourself first and find your balance.