44 Things That Make You A Real Woman

real woman

Real women are stunning creatures, with assets and traits both unique and enchanting to each one of us. It’s time we start showcasing our individuality and stop allowing society to define the illusion of what “real women” are.

  1. Real women have smokey-eyes…
  2. And go bare-faced.
  3. Real women are passionate, and challenge you, making you jump in the deep end.
  4. Real women will remain quiet, watching the lines around your eyes when you smile; taking in little moments and savoring them.
  5. They have one-night stands,
  6. Or sleepless nights with themselves.
  7. Real women wear sweatpants and flats,
  8. Or 5-inch heels beat up from walking.
  9. Real women believe in God,
  10. In nothing…
  11. In a religion, they find within themselves. Or others.
  12. Real women can light up any room with their alluring energy,
  13. Because of their degrees,
  14. or street smarts…
  15. Life experience or diplomas, empathy or bluntness.
  16. Real women are youthful with old souls.
  17. And ageless with young souls.
  18. Real women hold their own anywhere they go.
  19. Or hold others wherever they are.
  20. Real women write love letters,
  21. Or text messages with emojis.
  22. Real women are sultry and devious,
  23. And wholesome and innocent.
  24. Real women will speak up for what they believe.
  25. Real women will remain silent because they would rather listen and understand.
  26. Real women love themselves.
  27. Real women are learning to.
  28. Real women drink whiskey,
  29. And stay up all night drinking,
  30. Tending to their broken hearts,
  31. Or because they simply want to.
  32. Real women have curves.
  33. Real women don’t.
  34. Real women are sexual…
  35. And asexual
  36. And bisexual.
  37. Real women are happy in a 5 dollar t-shirt.
  38. Real women are happy in a 5 thousand dollar coat.
  39. Real women are Laverne Cox,
  40. Bruce Jenner,
  41. Janet Mock.
  42. Real women are complicated
  43. And mysterious, changing your life with their spirit; making you laugh, and cry, and alive.
  44. Real women are simple and consistent, changing your life with their ease; making you happy, and peaceful, and fulfilled.

Real women get to decide what is real to them.

Not me, not you.