14 Ways To Date A Girl Who Can’t Let Her Guard Down

guard down

People keep their guards up for a myriad of reasons. They’ve usually been betrayed in the past, or they’re too scared of the idea of betrayal to get too close in a relationship. They might have been cheated on, lied to, or abandoned. And even though that negative energy is physically gone, its shadows still loom over your new and healthier relationship. It takes a while for those shadows to dissipate, but with gentle patience, it’s possible.

  1. Fear has haunted her for a while and is the guiding force that’s toxic to your relationship.
  2. She’ll say fucked up stuff sometimes to drive you away. She doesn’t mean it.
  3. Because she has a fear of abandonment, and rejection, due to past relationships.
  4. And so she rejects the other before she has a chance to get rejected.
  5. She will think normal things are suspicious, and try to sniff things out even if there aren’t any signs. Don’t call her crazy- instead, reassure her with honest conversations.
  6. She has been taken advantage of, so proving you love her for just being her can be exhausting, but necessary.
  7. She can have issues with intimacy sometimes. It could manifest in problems with PDA, or the bedroom. Patience is important, here.
  8. She puts her friends first, which can feel hurtful at times. But they’ve had her back in the past when she’s been hurt, and they’re the only thing that has proved themselves over the years.
  9. But you also know that she can shut them out, just as she shuts you out, sometimes. And you need to be there for her at those times, as well.
  10. You might trigger stuff that reminds her of past partners, but remember that it’s the memory that’s affecting her, not your behavior. Just an experience she hasn’t quite fully shaken.
  11. She will choose silence over not asking for what she wants since she’s used to it in past relationships. Go out of your way to ask her what it is that she wants; you might think it’s obvious, but it’s not.
  12. She tries to keep the relationship casual to keep herself from getting hurt.
  13. Usually, this works with guys, as the perfect no strings attached bit, but what she really wants is for you to prove that you can take the relationship seriously.
  14. Convince her that your love is worth choosing over her fear.