It Takes A Real Man To Win The Heart Of A Single Mom

single mom

Dating is hard, so dating a single mom comes with additional challenges that only a real big-hearted man will be able to overcome. The good thing is that if you put in the work, you’ll realize that dating a single mom is extremely fulfilling.

1. Single moms are straight up badasses, they have their priorities straight and know exactly what they want and need in their life.

They don’t want to waste their time simply because they don’t have much of it and when they do, they won’t give it to someone who’s not willing to put in the effort and is willing to be as committed as she can be if you’re right for her.

She has to be picky about the person she chooses to date because she has to think about her little one too, so she knows that every decision she makes might directly or indirectly affect her child. She has her priorities straight, so consider yourself lucky if she decides to give you the time a day.

2. She won’t be the typical girl you date, meaning she’s gonna cut to the chase and will avoid at all costs any type of mind game.

Her time is limited, so if she doesn’t see that there’s potential for an honest relationship, she’ll be straight with you and end it, no drama, no fuss. This doesn’t mean that a single mom is not open for the occasional fling, yes, she might be up for that type of relationship but it will be the one calling the shots and setting up firm boundaries.

Her little one is her life, so don’t expect her to be sitting around waiting to spend time with you. She has a life before you came into the picture and that won’t change because you’re now part of the equation. She will be loyal, loving and committed and she will the best girlfriend when she’s spending time with you.

3. She’s an independent woman who also happens to be a mom, so don’t underestimate her ability to be a badass woman and a super mom all at the same time.

All she asks if for you to be confident in yourself, your relationship with her and to genuinely care about her and her child. She needs a real man in her life who can be as responsible as she is. She needs someone who has his shit together and won’t add any type of drama into her life. No, she doesn’t want Mr. Perfect, she wants an honest loving human being who can share his independence with her.

4. Her main focus is to live a well-balanced life so she can provide her child with the best quality of life possible.

It’s not in her plans to replace the father of her child, but it’s important to her to bring someone around her child who will be supportive and understanding of her parenting responsibilities. If you don’t like kids, you’re better off walking away before even attempting to get close to her.

5. She’s great a prioritizing her life, so don’t be afraid to love her.

If you’re deserving of her heart, she will shower you with the love that you deserve. You will become an important figure in her life and you will actually be proud of her for always putting her kid first and you second. If you love her that much, you know she’s a package deal and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A single mom has a heart of gold, so don’t be intimidated by her lifestyle. She has a lot of love to give. If you’re really into her, be patient with her heart and her lifestyle and you’ll soon realize that she’s worth effort.


Written by PuckerMob

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