Brett Kavanaugh Lied To Senators About The True Definition Of Several Terms In His Yearbook

On Thursday, Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of United States Senators about allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has stated that she was assaulted by Kavanaugh, coming forward and sharing her trauma with the world.
Kavanaugh denies any and all allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, stating he was a “virgin” in high school and many years after–trying to paint himself as a pristine and clean teenager. However, during the hearing, Senators questioned Kavanaugh about his high school yearbook and many things written about him–including an entry about the “Devil’s Triangle.”

At the hearing, Kavanaugh claims that Devil’s Triangle is a drinking game, comparing it to “quarters” and asking Senators, with a smug look, if they have ever played.

However, after hearing Kavanaugh’s description of the game, many individuals Googled the true definition of the term. Many discovered that the Devil’s Triangle is another name for the Bermuda Triangle. However, others discovered that the term is used to describe a threesome with one woman and two men.

Both Wikipedia and Urban dictionary describe the term as a sexual act involving one woman and two men.

Urban Dictionary

However, immediately following Kavanaugh’s description as a “drinking game,” someone from a House of Representatives IP address attempted to alter the definition on Wikipedia. Clearly, it has since been taken down.

Kavanaugh was additionally asked about other terms in his yearbook such as “boofed” and FFFFFFFourth of July (7 F’s). He had said that boofed meant farting and the 7 F’s had to do with a friend and his pronunciation of the word “F**k.” However, during the hearing, many began to look up these words online–causing them to become the most searched words on Urban Dictionary. Here’s what they have to say about the slang.

Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary

Clearly, these definitions make Kavanaugh’s description of himself as a “pristine virgin” seem pretty unbelievable. Many on Twitter were concerned and angry that Kavanaugh completely lied to a Senate Judiciary Committee–a felony–with no repercussions. Others are saying this proves he cannot be trusted and lines up with women’s descriptions of him as a predator.

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