Trump Texted The Entire Country And There Was A National Meme Emergency

At 2:18 pm Eastern time today, everyone in the country with a cell phone was sent a “Presidential Alert” as part of a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. The system is designed to communicate with Americans in the event of an emergency, like the many natural disasters we’re now experiencing as a consequence of global climate change.

Needless to say, given Trump’s abuse of social media for his personal gain, people weren’t thrilled to hear he now had a way to annoy them without their consent and they braced for impact.

Then came the nationwide flash flood of jokes. Betrayed by their cellphones, people decided it might be better to do without them.

Others imagined the possibilities of Trump having free rein to contact them whenever he felt like it.

Some Twitter users alerted their followers to the REAL national emergency—the four-year nightmare we’re all living through:

But not everyone got the alert (me included) so some have been spared… for now.