Facebook Bully Made A Kavanaugh Joke About This Guy’s Mom And She Destroyed Him

The nomination of a judge credibly accused of sexual assault by a president who’s confessed on tape to sexual assault (and that judge’s subsequent confirmation to the court) has opened up a flood of anger on the left, and rightly so. It’s also revealed the cruelty of those on the right who, rather than choosing to recognize the humanity of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and sexual assault survivors everywhere, have decided to gloat and joke at their expense. After writing a piece with the tagline “We are all deplorable now,” the Wall Street Journal’s right-wing editorial board decided to make a winking rape joke in their column praising Kavanaugh’s confirmation, entitled “Susan Collins Consents.”

Republicans across the country are gloating over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and signaling their absolute glee at “owning the libs” by putting (another) accused sexual assailant on the Supreme Court. Redditor alexgogurt posted an example of their bullying on the subreddit MurderedByWords.

“My mom (blue) posted a photo of herself that we found earlier today from the 80s with a perm and feathered bangs because she thought it was funny. Guy she knows (red) decided he’d respond,” he wrote.


“I would Kavanaugh that!!!!” the mysterious bully replied. But the redditor’s mother responded to the post with the kind of evenhanded class that’s long been in the Republican Party’s rearview mirror.

As someone pointed out, she even used the most devastating emoji choice to respond to his crudeness, the sad emoji. “Aww, your mom hit him with the sad smiley instead of the angry one. She’s saying ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,’” redditor foreverwasted wrote.

The even sadder part of all this is that the bully in question isn’t some young moron, but a fully grown adult man, albeit an immature one.

“He’s a grown man. Someone my mom used to work with,” the OP said.

The aptly named redditor KavanaughIsARapist put it best, saying, “How f*cking lost are we as a nation where grown ass adults think rape accusations are FUNNY.”

Pretty lost, it seems.

h/t: Reddit