To My Best Friend Whose Heart Is Still Stuck On Him

best friend

It’s okay to still be hurt. You are my best friend, so let me mourn with you. Let me cry with you. Let me be the voice that helps you understand you aren’t crazy for not being over your ex. You think you’re supposed to be over him already.

And there are those moments where it seems like you’re doing fine. But then there are those days where every memory comes flooding back to you and it feels like you got your heart ripped out yesterday.

You feel like a fool that it’s taking so long and you wonder why you’re still crying. You just want to get to a point where you’re over it.

You reach for your phone because you’re curious about how he’s doing. But more than that you want to know if he misses you too.

“There is no time limit for getting over this. Take as long as you need to. Talk about it as much as you want and I’ll be right by your side,” my best friend in college said to me. 

I thought, how many more sleepless nights was I gonna stare at the ceiling and think back to a time where he was right next to me?

On the outside, it looked like I healed but on the inside, it still felt like I was breaking.

It’s okay to still think of him.  These intense emotions show you how important that person was. Grieving over a lost relationship doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong being able to address this person’s importance in your life.

It shows respect to yourself, the relationship and him

Getting through this is a process but sometimes you just aren’t ready to move forward yet.

You try dating and meeting someone new but it almost feels like in every stranger you look for him.

Time is the only solution.

You didn’t control falling in love with him and unfortunately, you can’t control how and when you fall out of love with him. But one day you will just know it’s okay to not be there yet.


Written by PuckerMob

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