21 Things Literally Every White Person Has Said

When it comes to “cute little sayings,” white people have one for every occassion–trust me. As a white person myself, I can solemnly swear that I have said more than half of these in my young, naive life. From “get these away from me,” to “that’s my cardio for the day,” I felt personally attacked reading through these hilarious, yet true, call-outs.

21. When eating chips:

20. When arriving somewhere:

19. When taking group pictures:

18. When eating at a restaurant:

17. When eating at a crowded restaurant:

16. When fall arrives:

15. When summer arrives:

14. When paying for literally anything:

13. When washing their hands:

12. When getting their license:

Lex Gabrielle

Written by Lex Gabrielle

Lex Gabrielle native New Yorker who supports messy buns and all things covered in buffalo sauce. She is currently a managing editor for BloomJoy and teaches English and Journalism to the youth of America.