Things You’ll Only Understand If You Married Young


Like it or not, when someone says marriage most young 20 somethin’s recoil in horror, head for the hills and frantically update their Tinder profile. Us millennials were set up to marry later than the previous generations, so getting hitched early makes you somewhat of an anomaly on the Gen Y social scene. This means if you decide to tie the knot early, you may find your life experience differs a little compared to your friends.

1. It’s sometimes difficult to find other couples that you can relate to.

Some of your couple friends are the best; they totally get you two as a pair, they give you all the love in the world and they’ll always be there for a double date that involves tequila and bad decision making, but sometimes you need a little more than that. There is a whole lotta stuff that goes on in a marriage that maybe doesn’t in a boyfriend/girlfriend sitch, and discussing that with your coupled-up mates sometimes ends with blank stares or misunderstandings. It’s no big deal and you still love ‘em to pieces, but sometimes it’s just a little difficult to get your bezzies on ya level. Know what I mean?

2. No one wants to hear about married sex…but you still wanna dish.

Yeah, this is a biggie, while it’s all well and good for your non-married pals to regale you with their latest successful Tinder date, your story about how you two managed to slip security and do it in the secret passage of Space Mountain doesn’t get the same kind of love. Just ‘cos the story involves the same two characters every time doesn’t make it any less raunchy people.

3. You’re responsible for two people now.

Not to say that non-married couples ain’t responsible for their best squeeze as well, it’s just once you signed that paper that says you’re together forever you really gotta consider your actions before you go do something stupidly selfish. So while you may think a blindfolded Jager bomb cliff diving is just a swell way to spend a Saturday, it may be little more than annoying for the missus to spend the next week in hospital as you recover from a drinking-related limb fracture. Is this what maturity looks like?

4. People assume it was for either religion or pregnancy.

When you think of a couple getting hitched early most people assume the lucky pair got into a bit of a sticky situation or were trying to do it the ‘proper’ way in the eyes of the Lord. You had the same mentality before you got on this matrimonial ride so you can’t blame them, but it does throw folks into a bit of loop when you explain you got married ‘cos you, know, you’re in love. Silly, right?

5. You carry less baggage.

You know all those thoughts, feelings, conflicts, over thinking, and intricate self-analysis you inflict on your poor old psyche on a daily basis. Well, they’ll still be there even after you’ve said “I do”, but now you’ll have your soul mate to unload it all when it all starts to spill over. They’ll be there to remind you that you aren’t going crazy and to nullify some of the worries that bother your troubled mind, and really, that’s the sort of mental support you need to have in the best relationship ever.

6. It’s the best of adulthood combined with the best of your twenties.

There’s no denying it, there are some belting benefits to getting hitched early. People assume you are automatically more responsible, you have way more money ‘cos all your hard earned cash is combined and you get first dibs on a bed anytime you crash at a mates house. All this and you still down for day drinking Wednesdays and 48-hour house parties. Best of both worlds.


Written by PuckerMob

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