She Gave Him Everything And Then Some, And He Threw It All Away


She wasn’t really asking you for much, you just didn’t seem to get the picture. It’s too bad though because she was amazing and you should have given her the love that she deserves.

She loved you more than you could ever imagine. I think she expected more from you because she would have done that and so much more in order to make you happy.

She deserves never having to worry about sending a text and not hearing anything back for hours. She deserves to know that you’re not ignoring her or just choosing not to talk to her but are actually busy and would respond if you could.

Good morning texts, an afternoon I hope your day is going well, a nighttime I love you and can’t wait to see you should be lighting up her screen. Maybe you should have shown a little more interest into the things she was telling you, instead of blowing her off like it didn’t matter.

Perhaps she just wanted you to follow through, to show up when you said you would. To never make her guess if date night was actually still on or if some lame excuse about hanging out with the boys was going to grace her evening.

You see she deserves someone who will hold her when she’s sad, that will wipe away the tears and do what they can to make her laugh. She needs someone who doesn’t mind that she over texts at times, sometimes over thinks and can ramble on and on about nothing and crack herself up.

You came along and she thought you could be Mr. Right, but you fooled her. Maybe she jumped the gun; let her heart get too attached too quickly. It could have been your charm, your smile or the way you made her feel special in the beginning. You may have had good intentions to start, you may not have wanted to hurt her but in the end, she ended up on the losing side.

She deserves honesty; if you weren’t into her you should have just been straight with her. She wants passion, knowing someone will always be in her corner no matter what. She wasn’t looking for grand gestures or elaborate plans. It was the small stuff she wanted, the little things she could remember and hold onto.

You owed her the love she deserves. Sadly now, you’re just in debt with her heart.

She gave you everything and then some. She was the perfect girlfriend. She was thoughtful, she put you first and she opened her heart to you and she wanted the best for you.

So now once she picks up the pieces which she will because she’s so strong, she’ll find someone who will treat her right.

Someone who won’t be selfish with her love, a person who will protect her, who will love her and enjoy life with her. You’re the one who will have ended up on the losing side of it all once you realize what you’re missing out on.

When she meets the guy who goes above and beyond he’ll be thanking you for giving you the love she deserves because now it’ll be his turn and he won’t mess it up.

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