I Want To Be The One Whose Heart Beats Perfectly With His


We always talk about the kind of love we think we deserve, and what it takes to get it. Perhaps we should be focusing on how we’re going to love someone. You see, when it comes down to it, I want to be the one whose heart beats perfectly with his.

The kind of love that makes a person feel like home, a safe haven and protector of their secrets. I want to be nervous before dates, worrying about making sure they have a good time and I want to soak in every emotion that goes with it.

I don’t expect them to try too hard to impress me, I’ll want them to be themselves and I want to let myself be me because that’ll be the best person to love them.

Once I find that person I will love them with every fiber in my soul because it’s not only what I do, it’s what they deserve. A day won’t go by that you won’t know that I care, and you’ll never have to second guess my feelings for you. There won’t be any worries about my motives because they’ll be clear.

You deserve to be treated like a priority and a choice; you’ll never be an option because you’re more important than that. You aren’t just going to be something to entertain me when I’m bored or lonely.  It means I don’t just love you when it’s easy; it’s loving you even when it’s hard. I can promise that when you need me you can always count on me.

I’d learn to cook your favorite meals despite my opinion on them, know how many sugars you take in your coffee and remember what foods you absolutely hate. I’d be the first to offer up your favorite snacks when you’ve had a rough day. I’ll remember details about foods you loved as a kid and try my best to live up to the expectations.

On the days you wake up and you struggle to find happiness in the day I will be there to light up your day. It could be little gifts I buy simply because they made me think of you, in funny memes that I just thought you had to see, little texts reminding you how important you are to me to simply being the hand you hold when life is hard.

I know you’re not perfect and I would never expect you to be. Your flaws won’t ever be pointed out and I’d love them because they make you who you are. I know you’ll make mistakes; you’re going to screw up and say the wrong things and make me shake my head in frustration. Though I know I am going to do the same thing to you as well, each argument we have we’ll work through together. I’ll never let us go to bed angry with unresolved feelings.

I promise not to leave when it gets rough. You don’t deserve someone who can’t stay because the problems exist. I promise to admit when I’m stubborn and stay by your side even when I think you’re wrong because that’s what happens in a real relationship.

I want to be the love that makes you forget why every other relationship didn’t work. I want to be the love that stops you dead in your tracks, that makes your heart race and stop at the same time. The love that makes you think about the future, about taking the next step and not being afraid of what’s to come.

I want to be the one who goes home on family holidays with you, the one you tell your friends and family about, the one you can’t imagine living without. When you think about our relationship I want a smile to creep across your face like it does mine when I think about you.

I hope you know that I’ll appreciate everything you do for me, and I’d never take you for granted. I’d treat you not as just a lover but as a best friend.

Because in the end, we’re all just looking for someone to genuinely love us, to treat us with respect and enjoy this crazy adventure called life. Someone to be your partner in crime, to not just love you but tremendously love you, someone that sees all of you and someone you deserve. That’s the kind of love I want to be, the one he deserves.