Many people (read: men) react to accusations of rape with skepticism and frequently offer up justifications for the rapist’s actions. This tactic, of course, serves to perpetuate a culture in which the assaulters are protected over the victims.

Recently, Tumblr user suzziepsyche posted a clipping of an article about a 26-year-old Turkish woman who shot and decapitated her rapist after “authorities refused to let her have an abortion.” The man had apparently taken nude photos of her and blackmailed her “before raping her repeatedly.”

Not exactly light and bubbly Tumblr fare, but certainly a post which many saw as a battle cry.

Commenters began making sardonic allusions to rape culture by defending the woman using the same justifications many people use to defend accused rapists.

While this might seem like a cold reaction to a homicide story, it’s merely commentary on how, if authorities actually treated rape as a crime, this woman wouldn’t currently be in jail. (You know, like most accused rapists aren’t currently in jail.)

The screenshots eventually made their way to Twitter, where they were lauded for their scathing commentary.

Obviously, people were totally blown away by this story and the reactions. (Though not as blown away as the rapist, probably, SORRY.)

And, of course, the sarcastic inversion of rape justifications flowed freely.

I’ll repeat this one more time, for the cheap seats in the back:


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